Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Love a Man in Gingham

Indochino - Urban Cowboy Red Gingham
The other day during my ride home on the subway, I took immediate notice of a strapping, handsome business man. While this generally happens often in any major thriving metropolis, certain special details make a man stand out even more...and in a good way. The guy in question was dressed to the nines. Dark business suit in a dashing charcoal grey shade, pressed and fitted to perfection. His grooming was right on par too. His shirt stood right out with something I had never seen before paired with a suit. Under that suit was the most sexy red gingham dress shirt I believe I've ever seen. Perhaps the shirt wouldn't make quite an impact all on it's lonesome, but when paired with the rest of the package, it completely made the look. Efforts to avert my eyes were useless; I stared like an animal caught in headlights.
Indochino - Office Explorer Blue and Red Gingham

Since then I have taken more time to pay attention to what men around me are wearing. I always feel like winking with a little smile at the ones who put an effort in. An effort doesn't have to mean going overboard to be labelled as "metro", but just enough to show that they care about their appearance.
Indochino - Grounded in Green Gingham

Also I find myself on the hunt for more men's dress gingham shirts. Who knew they could be such a turn on? It's like bow-ties on a dress shirt for me now...I just go crazy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Sweet and Salty

I don't think there is a better way to describe the fashion designs and style of Austria's own Lena Hoschek. The prints and patterns she uses have a distinct innocent 1950s feel to them. That is until you realize that they are presented with a bit of an edge. Rockabilly gals clad with tattoos sport the looks, dolled up to the nines.

Even if it is just for a stroll out on the beach. I'm quite certain my jaw hit the floor when I saw the pink Elvis retro 2 pieces (as shown above).
Just when you thought it was all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, the catalogue throws a few bondage/risque images your way. With the sweet, you get the salty.
Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to purchase any of the items online. The website has a list of cities where clothing and accessories are available, however. Fingers crossed this line soon makes it to the online market so they will then be more within reach.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week Off

Going to be taking a mini vacation from blogging for the next week. I'm running out of steam with all the things I currently have on the go. Will be back next week though, refreshed and ready for some fabulous new posts.

Until then, let us all remember and wish the beautiful humanitarian Audrey Hepburn, a most joyous birthday wherever she is, on (what would have been) her 82nd birthday.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's Vintage Dresses

Lavender Eyelet 50s

Ready for a young, fresh, energetic and sassy take on vintage? Look no further than the oh so fun Miss Retro Rocket Girl (how can you not love that name?!?!). Every single item in her shop has a total dimension of personality and whimsy that is hard to ignore. I've chosen my favourites; stop by her shop and check out some more.
Turquoise Mint Taffeta
Navy Rosette 50s
60s Nautical