Thursday, April 28, 2011


Chic & sassy Bette Davis

How I remember that day; I was about 14 and been having increasing difficulty being able to see the chalkboard in class. I'd squint away and covet the seats at the front of the class, and not because I was a brown noser or anything, it's just that my vision was a blur. I put it off for a little while because I knew what that meant; time for glasses. At the time it was not a hip, hot, or "in" thing to wear specs. In fact, terms such as "four eyes" was still going around.

After my mom noticed my difficulty while I was watching TV one night, I finally gave in and we booked a trip to see the optometrist. They confirmed it and I got my first pair of glasses. Surprisingly, I enjoyed them more than I ever led on; I secretly dug the style and change in my look. I was no fashionista or style savvy chick back then like I am now; however, it opened some doors for me in terms of interest in style (surprisingly). There were basic, wire framed, nothing special glasses.

Years later, I've become a full-time glasses gal. Can't see properly without em. Truth is that I love them now and wouldn't even dream for a second of getting laser vision correction. Actually, the whole idea of it kinda scares the bejeezus out of me!

Since then, I've embraced the idea of wearing "cheaters" more and more. My collection keeps growing. So far I have 4 pairs. My latest want is to buy some authentic vintage frames (I'm thinking 1950s or early 1960s) and get them filled with my prescription. The hunt to find the perfect pair is going to be fun. Until then, I shall be consumed with cheaters inspiration.

Marilyn in her famous role in How to Marry a Millionaire as the gal who thought men weren't attracted to dames who wore glasses. Lucky for her she was adorable both with them on, and additionally with them off (bumping into walls, reading books upside down). On always wins in the end though!
James Dean
I find chaps who wear cheaters are most dashing.
Marcello Mastroianni
I've learned that there are shapes and sizes for every face, so that old excuse that "they won't look good on me" isn't a valid any longer.
Janet Leigh
Carole Lombard
Charlotte Rampling
I cannot wait to get out and hunt for a new pair. Different styles of frames seem to change my entire look, and I do believe its about time for an update.

Hmmm I wonder if Kate Middleton secretly wears specs? Off to research...

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  1. I wish I could switch up my glasses more often my prescription is way to strong and expensive to own serveral pairs of glasses. I can't believe people ever where made fun of for wering glasses they look awesome on people. I die when I see the cuteness of character frames in pictures!