Monday, December 20, 2010

Sarah Richardson's Country Christmas

For years Toronto interior designer/decorator extraordinaire Sarah Richardon has be a HUGE favourite of mine. I've blogged about my love for her before (Hometown Favourites Pt 1 - Sarah Richardson) , and she continues to inspire me with her innovative, soothing and beautiful design schemes.

The country farm house she renovated in the latest installment of Sarah's House was recently featured in the November 2010 issue of Canadian House and Home magazine. This time we get to see the house all dolled up for the Holidays. Sarah has this knack for creating the perfect Christmas tree (see the end few posts for past trees she has created). Notice the charming little girl on the cover is Sarah's eldest daughter Robin.
To me, this is exactly what a Christmas country house should look like. It's warm, open and so inviting.

Rustic elegance. 

Each time I revisit any of these images during the holidays, I am immediately itching to get out and redo my Christmas tree to try to make it half as elegant. 

This blog will continue to bring you more Sarah gushing in the future ;)

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