Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pinup Girl Style I

Within the last few years I have become obsessed with pinup girl/burlesque style. The search has been ongoing to find the best hairstyles, makeup applications, curve hugging dresses, sultry pumps and glamour gloves.

As it is generally difficult to find pin up style in your average town or city without some true digging, shopping online is generally your very best bet. Shops like PinupgirlClothing or PinupCouture.
The dress/skirt finding for me was step 1. Any of these styles would be just perfect.

The clothes is truly half the battle because achieving true pinup hair and makeup takes some effort and an artistic/creative eye. How about a little inspiration from the pros?

No one in this generation (I think) compares to Dita. She is the quintessential pinup girl of this decade!

Now that you see the hair and makeup, how can you do this yourself? Youtube I found has been a great source for the best tips and tricks to achieving these looks. Here are two of my favourite pinup style how-to videos. I hope they help ;)

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  1. those dresses...burlesque is great!!! Love the red one and oh to have pin up hair...wouldn't we all!!!