Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eye on...

The graceful and oh so talented Camilla Belle. She may be dating a Jonas brother, but I can look past that. Why you ask? Well Ms. Belle has impeccable style. Now I'm not quite sure if its thanks to a stylist or what, but something tells me that she dresses herself. I can see the passion for fashion in her eyes. It helps too that shes ridiculously gorgeous and can pull off so many looks.

Unlike a lot of young Hollywood, Belle dresses so appropriate for her age (22). In fact, her style is utterly timeless. I have to believe that her and Emma Watson have to get on pretty well as they both have that fashion IT.

In this little post I have assembled my very favourite of her looks.

Thanks for this post comes directly from a viewing of her film Push last night. Was not quite sure what to expect, but I'll say I was thoroughly impressed. That reminds me, in the next year I must do a Dakota Fanning post; that girl is growing up fast, but with complete grace.

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