Friday, July 31, 2009

I: Once upon a time

I was a flight attendant. How I truly miss those days. Although it wasn't for a considerable amount of time (5 months), it was 5 months I will not soon be forgetting!Training was a true challenge, but I passed and made it through to actual flying. A summer of going to places and continents I'd never been to before. It was a bit of a dream come true. So I'm sure you are now asking, why aren't you still there? Easy answer, I just couldn't afford the life anymore. The pay is honestly terrible and you are essentially at their beck and call at all hours of the day and night. Thus getting a part-time job was impossible. So after my contract was up, I opted out of having them possibly have me return for the next summer or even Christmas.

Looking back on those days (and dreaming of being there again, this time with a schedule and better pay), I know how I would do things different; how I would maximize the experience and look amazing for the part with each flight I worked.

First is the hair, gotta start from the top right? The hair restrictions for the airline I was working for was pretty strict; esentially it had to be up or of a certain length, your bangs (if you have any) have to be a certain length, no fly-aways and all was smooth, limited number of braids, bobby-pins cannot show and you could only use clear or black hair ties, oh and only black or hair colour matching clips (only a certain number on each side of the head). Complicated? It limited my thinking at the time, but soon learned that when on the job, people rarely paid close attention to this. Here are some hairstyles I would try today if put back into the same situation:I would also try to finally master 40s victory rolls and put it into an updo. I'd more than likely take many tutorials/practices from the extremely talented Casey Brown's Elegant Musings. Photo Credit: Elegant Musings
Such an adorable and stylish updo!

Now moving along to shoes. Shoe restrictions are pretty severe too. Black and fairly boring, but I would spice it up with any of these choices: However its always good to keep in mind that you will be on your feet for hours in a job like this, practicality sometimes wins out. But theres no rule against wearing two pairs. One for show and one for times when passengers aren't watching and you are behind the curtain. We call those shoes "galley shoes".

Other touches to add for impact are:
  • Nailpolish colour. So long as the colour is classy, anything goes. I would wear more reds and pinks such as these OPI shades:

  • Makeup: classy, elegant and sometimes a tiny punch of trend style

  • Jewelry: size and length are restricted (surprise, surprise). Here are a few ones I love that I would wear from Etsy.
  • The last is a must, a watch! Nothing too showy of course. I've been lusting over these 2 Betsey Johnson watches for like ever!

  • That just may complete the look.

    Stay tuned for Part II when I post about what to pack on a little getaway!


    1. Thank you Deanne :) I really love it too!

    2. this is so cool- behind the scenes life of a flight attendant. but i dont blame you for getting out of it - it sounds like it could be very tiring

    3. I am absolutely loving those hairstyles! I had no idea there were so many rules. Very interesting!