Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favourite Three

Have you ever looked at a cover of a magazine and loved it so much that you thought you shoud put it in a frame and up on your wall because it is just that beautiful, or intriguing, or special that it would denote such an honour?

Each time I go through and organize my things, magazines included, I always come across these three magazines and know that I could never throw them away because I love them too much. The covers of them drew me in and they still do to this day.

Here are my top 3 personal favourite magazine covers:Domino with Zooey Deschanel (February 2009)
My number 3 and most recent favourite not only displays an actress I adore, but it has sentimental value as it is the second last issue of the dearly departed Domino.

House and Garden with Chloe Sevigny (January 2007)
Two:Chloe's style is so my style, very feminine and light hearted. How could I not fall absolutely in love with this one?
Vogue with Kirsten Dunst (September 2006)
My favourite movie displayed right on the cover of the queen of all fashion magazines, Vogue! It is extravagant, romantic, and so glam. Its a given that this is my number one favourite magazine cover of all time.


  1. YES, this has totally happened to me! That Vogue cover is indeed incredible. How you anyone ever part ways with it?!

  2. I to have a favorite magazine cover that I can't bare to part with it is Real Simple September 2007 issue, it has a still life of a front hall with shoes and a purse and I just love it.

    I also have the Zoey Deschanel Domino and adore it. I thought it was the last issue but it wasn't! I missed one:P


  3. Great mags that you chose, but did you know that Domino is no longer being published? The economy made it so it could not survive, I hope it is printed again in the future. I guess it means we have to support our fave magazines all the more!

  4. Okay, guess you already stated that Domino is no longer published, silly me! Glad you featured it anyway! :)