Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Blushing Ladies!!

Today I have been fortunate enough to receive a shout out from two of my favourite blogs!! Thank you so much ladies for mentioning me, you're making me blush :)

First being the fabulous fellow Canadian and vintage enthusiast Grey Lashes. Daphne is so creative in what she does, in everything from baking (mmmm a favourite pasttime of mine too :), sewing, decorating, collecting, clothing, etc. Her picture is from above, get this she found all these items at Goodwill for under $3.00 (Canadian). How impressive! And below is her dresser redo. The green is the perfect colour choice and compliments the style so well. She also does phenomenal fashion illustrations: Daphne's Portfolio.
The second is from my favourite colour poster, a lady who always reminds me just why this colour truly rocks: House of Turquoise.Each day I am amazed at what she finds and how inspiring the rooms she chooses to display are. I'm utterly convinced that my next home makeover colour palette will have turquoise as its main star ;) Thank you Erin for mentioning me and I'm so glad you enjoyed my tiny piece on Sarah Richardson.

Now for a few others whom I want to send a few big hugs out to, supporters, big commenters; you guys make me smile!!

Ocean DreamsHer header picture is so pretty! I've been a follower of this amazing blogger for a few weeks now and it has quickly become a blog I'm checking everyday to see what's new and happening in her world. Her posts are so, whether they are about fashion, vintage finds, art, pop culture or just life in general. Ocean Dreams is the perfect blog for you hopeless romantics out there! Also you've gotta check out her sweet Etsy shop: Ocean Dreams Studio.This is one I think I'm gonna get for a friend who is a mom to be! Love all her stuff :)

A wonderful lady from all the way across the world in Australia, who truly is one of the best stitchers/sewers/embroiders I've ever seen. Its Dzintra, Queen of the Stitcheries Her work is phenomenal! She is also an amazing cook :)

This next one has some of the best DIY projects! I'm talking about you Down and Out Chic

Christine's style is really and truly chic and it shines in every single one of her posts. She has impeccable taste! I look forward to scrolling down my blog list each day to see what's she's posted that day. Its so great finding such amazing people out there in the blog world. You inspire me each and every day. Thank you :)


  1. It was all my pleasure!! I thoroughly enjoyed your post on Sarah Richardson. And I sure hope your next home is filled with turquoise! :)

  2. oh my goodness, this was such a nice surprise this morning! thank you for the sweet mention, you're amazing.

  3. Very neat - I hadn't heard of the first two, so I'll definitely check them out!

  4. Now sweet of are making me blush!!! Thank you so much for your very kind words...what a surprise...grin!!! Will have to check the others out now...Dzintra♥x