Thursday, August 6, 2009

Instant Attraction

What a beautifully matched pair of colours. Not something one would automatically think would go together, but they do and its almost delicious. There has been a lot of pairing darker (and lighter) teal shades with orange/red shades as of late, but I haven't seen it with apricot/peach quite enough yet.
Years ago at an interior design show in Toronto, I heard designer Sarah Richardson speaking about how apricot would be the next hot trend in the design world. Sadly, I havent seen it enough yet. I think it needs to have its time in the sun.Pull it together with some teal green/blue and it could really shine!

What do you think? This whole post today is actualy inspired by my outfit. I found a dark teal skirt at Goodwill for $5.00 that was in amazing shape; fits me high wasted like a glove. While looking around in my closet for a match, I spotted an older sleevless white blouse I hadn't worn in a long time. To spice it up, I decided to change the buttons. In my mini vintage button collection, I found the perfect 7 apricot/peach buttons the size of dimes that I sewed on. Its like the buttons and the skirt were made for eachother and I keep catching myself gazing at how well they work together. Its amazing what a little imagination can get you :)


  1. You're so right! I hadn't seen it paired with apricot/peach yet and I love the way it looks. Your outfit sounds great too. I love what you did with the buttons!

  2. this color combo is fun and bold. i'm a huge fan.

  3. I really like that combo! believe it or not I am currently wearing teal and hot pink (also a great combo:P)

  4. so so pretty- the earring are great