Monday, August 16, 2010


On the train ride home to visit my parents over the weekend, I decided to splurge and indulge myself in the latest issue of House Beautiful. I am rarely disappointed with the content, articles and spectacular pictorials the magazine usually provides. This issue was no exception.

This kitchen istantly stole my heart. It pulls out all the stops; no corners were cut and every luxury is presented. Yet at the same time it doesn't feel stuffy or unwelcoming. The use of colour and calming accents help make this kitchen truly the centre of the home. This cabinetry, the sink, those big windows; they wrap you up and make you feel like you are in nestled right in France. French, an almost European country at its finest.
Blue and white seems to always create such soothing results.

I have never seen a set of refridgerators like this before! At first I didn't recognize them to be anything more than a set of doors. They blend in seamlessly into the decor and create the appliances into works of art.

Cannot gush enough about how beautiful this kitchen is. Count this issue of HB another favourite of 2010 for me!

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