Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Few Blog Crushes of 2010 - Making Magique

The past few days have been a positive blur or laziness. I've taken to curling up on the sofa, watching as many classic films as I can stand, reading all the juicy books that have been sitting on the shelf waiting to be devoured and consuming far too many calories. In other words, it's been BLISS!
The beautiful Haleigh from Making Magique
One other thing I've been mulling over has been some of my blog crushes I *discovered* this year. Here are a handful of ones that continue to inspire me each day:

Making Magique(formerly Bardot in Blue) stars a beautiful blonde California girl turned Parisian fashion doll named Haleigh! This blog is one of those ones that makes you want to immediately locate the nearest hip place to shop or browse the net for a new wardrobe. Her fashion adventures are played out through series of sweet images of her enjoying the belle streets of Paris. It's oh so easy to immediately become jealous of her amazing lifestyle.
Rouge - Making Magique

There is this fun and playful side her style that makes you want to be a little girl lost in Wonderland again.
Goodbye Provence - Making Magique
Not only do we get to indulge in countless images of her incredible wardrobe; she also shows us the beautiful details of her travels throughout the globe. She has tips and hints for all those interested or planning on travelling to Paris. And to top it all off she has a series of some of the most fabulous candy coated inspiration images that will get you day dreaming instantaneously.
Gossip Girls - Making Magique
Making Magique is simply one of my ultimate blogging delights! I cannot wait to check what's going on in her world each day. Thanks Haleigh for making me love Paris even more!!

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  1. great recommendation - on my way to check it out:)