Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vintage Luggage Lust

Even though it is a little ways away (April), I've already started planning for my birthday. Now it's not exactly what you'd call a "big" or important number as far as birthdays are concerned, but I feel like I want to pretend it is. Thinking it over, the choice was so obvious for me; what better way to do this than to pack my bags and head off to Europe for three weeks!

Out of all the places in the world I've travelled to, Paris is my absolute favourite place to be. Thus, Paris is will be the exact location where I'll be ringing in my 28th year! I envision day time walks in the gardens of Versailles armed with my camera and some ice cream. Later on I'll make my way to the Eiffel Tower for some champagne to gaze at the pretty lights. Simple, right?

Just one little detail I want to get right before I go, luggage! Now I have a classic large roller piece which works fine in most cases; however, it's a huge pain in the arse to lug up and down stairs in the tube/subway/metro...especially when you tend to overpack as I do.

Must find an alternate form of luggage to take. Backpacks and camping-style gear is just not for me. With what I tend to wear and the way I like to style myself, this just does mesh well together at.all. A duffle with wheels? Do-able, I suppose. But, alas, there is an option that is so clear to me...vintage luggage! Is it impractical? Probably...but is it stylish? You bet it is and I'll take style everytime.

After some general searching, I have found these lush images that is inspiring to get out and start my search! Would three pieces be sufficient? One for clothing; one for shoes; and, of course, one for beauty supplies? Add a chic purse and I'd be all set to go, non?
Do you carry vintage luggage when you travel? What has your experience been?

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