Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Lover

Cole Haan
Do you ever feel during one extreme  half of weather that you entirely seem to forget what it's like to feel the opposite extreme? That is, today here in Toronto it is -18 degrees Celsius out, with a windchill that makes the air feel as crisp and frigid as -25. My mind keeps searching for what it is like to feel hot weather. This past summer Toronto had quite a hot streak, one truly uncomfortable week (as I have no air conditioning unit in my apartment) where temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius (including the humidex). Having said all of that, keep in mind that we don't get the good heat or good cold weather. The air is wet and you feel every degree that is in the air. Summer's air is very humid, while the wet makes winter feel even more cold. Hence, the extremes I mentioned earlier.

Now while I forget what summer really feels like; trying to recall the feeling of merely slipping on a pair of sandals and walking outside with just regular clothes on, or really, just the ease of everything. Since I cannot really remember summer as clear as I'd like, I'm finding it difficult to think shoes that aren't warm boots. Ugh and warm boots, the whole practical nature of them makes me a little ill. I'll fess up, I'm not a boots girl *shock*...To me, footwear is a great pair of pumps. In other words, to me, winter is a dead footwear season. I take no joy in shoes in the winter.

What can brighten my mood? Thinking of great boots won't work; however, dreaming of warmer temperatures and the ability to wear non-winter shoes out will do. No worrying about salt ruining leather or snow soaking through to make your feet wet and cold. Today, my friends, is going to be a celebration of non-winter foot wear. Let us bask in the glory of bright colours, peep toes, sling backs, d'orsays, thongs, sky-high heels and sassy little details. Today is a day I will love footwear again!!
House of Harlow 1960
Sergio Rossi
Kate Spade
The forecast for spring/summer shoes? Nude and reaching for the skies.


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  1. I love the cole haan shoes, I like looking at heels but not wearing them:P Finding a pair of red shoes is my plan for this spring.