Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Gloss

How do you know you need new lip gloss? When you are out with your 10 year old step-sister who notices you putting on lip gloss and responds by putting on her own. Here's the gloss was some crappy little Bonne Bell "Dr. Pepper" flavour, and hers...a brand new MAC lipgloss. She's 10! Quick, someone pass me a grown up gloss, STAT!


  1. That’s so funny! How did she get a MAC? I want one :), I never leave the house without applying some lippy!!. love Marilyn image always a good style icon.

    I just found your blog whilst looking for Brigitte Bardot fashion images and I love It. xXx

  2. @SummerBaby - She got it out of a birthday party loot-bag of all places! I wish I went to that party haha

    Aww thank you! So glad you enjoy my little blog :)