Thursday, January 6, 2011

Water for Elephants

I'm a little late getting on the bandwagon, but today I just started reading Sara Gruen's Water for Elephants. So far, so good. Seeing the trailer for the upcoming film adaptation was my push to read it. Plus it helps that I was enouraged to read it after a glowing recommendation from GF Camillia (aka the lovely photog who designed my fab header).

I have a sneaking suspicion, judging by the trailer, that I will be soon lusting over every outfit Reese Witherspoon's character wore in this film. I already spot a dozen. The 1930s is rapidly becoming my new favourite style decade.

Here are few more sneak peaks from the upcoming film.

Wont it be nice to see Robert Pattinson outside his role as Edward in the Twlight saga?

Countdown is on. Until then, off to grab a cup of jo and dive into the next chapter.

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  1. I love the last pictures of Rob and the Elephant. That could be a poster! I cannot WAIT to see this movie. It's going to be amazing. I absolutely adored the book.

    Great blog MC!