Monday, February 14, 2011

Hometown Love {Toronto in Rue Magazine}

Online magazines have taken off in a BIG way lately. These days you cannot pass a blog that doesn't gush about the good articles, finds, pictures (etc.) in the likes of Lonny Magazine and Rue Magazine (as shown above). The styling and layouts could make a girl daydream for days. I especially love how when a product or item is featured in Rue, you can hover your mouse right over the item and a link pops up for you get it! You can't do that in a hardcopy magazine. 

Imagine my surprise when clicking through the pages of Rue, I find a feature on my beloved hometown Toronto! A shopping guide by Style at Home's senior design editor Margot Austin is featured that takes you through her favourite spots to find home decor. I am in love, and so much so that I can't help but show you the feature. Enjoy :)

Rue was started by 4 major bloggers in the world of style blogs. You all must have seen and been inspired by editor-in-chief Crystal's glam blog Plush Palate, or scrolled the beautiful pages of Design Love Fest by Brianne Paige, been tempted to shop after viewing Anne Sage's blog The City Sage, or wishing you could hire Cassandra Lavalle for her amazing design services at Coco + Kelly.

Thank you ladies for recognizing my hometown and inspiring me to check out some new spots.

xx ~Happy Valentines Day~

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  1. Rue is too adorable, I am obsessed with bri's designlovefest. I was glad to see toronto in the issue as well:)