Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heaven...I'm in Heaven

...and my heart beats so, that I can hardly speak. And I seem to find the happiness I seek, when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek..."

It never fails that I get songs of romance and love in my head when I look at multi-million dollar (euro, pound) real estate. Sothebys, in particular, is a weakness for me. I could spend hours traveling the globe via their listings. Naturally, however, one city ALWAYS manages to capture my attention. I like to call it my true home, as I've never been anywhere else that makes me feel so at ease; a warm and inviting hug welcoming you back each time. Of course I am talking about Paris. We have many loves in our lives, Paris is one of those loves for me.

I can't help but feel my heart swell when I find charming beautiful listings in Paris. Whether they be in the range of "not in this lifetime", unless the Gods of lottery smile upon me in a BIG way, to small little (more affordable) places.

Today I decided to dream in the most massive scale. You know, the places that don't even list a price; the ones that keep you guessing with each incredible, awe-inspiring and breath-taking image. While love generally finds me with ease, today I found a gem so special, I can't help but share it here. And to all you millionaires out there to happen upon my blog and are looking to change surroundings, take this listing to heart because it could be the one for you...that is if I don't win the lottery and beat you to it. So friends, please dream with me. Imagine how spectacular life could be in a place like this and all the wonderful ways you could add to the sparkle. In ways, it reminds me of a mini Versailles, or even an in-city Petit Trianon.

The only words I have to accurately describe my emotions are, as ever, "le sigh". Mid-week day dreams are the very best.

Here's the listing: Sotheby's Real Estate: Paris 8th on the Arc de Triomph {price upon request}


  1. too beautiful! I myself can't stop watching hgtv and drooling over character homes.

  2. When I had cable, that channel was an absolute staple in my life! I could spend hours watching and day dreaming over all those gorgeous homes.