Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bursts of Coral

There is something just so peachy about coral; its a colour that seems alive and juicy. Of course, coral can be interpretted in different ways. Some see it more as an orange shade, others as a pinker shade and of course closer to a red. To me, I like seeing it in lots of different ways. Keeps the doors wide open. My favourite though (as seen above) is pairing it with turquoise.

This bag delivers such a punch. Think of how quickly it could wake up any outfit. Its a piece that truly stands out. Just look at Cameron Diaz, she knows what I'm talking about ;)
Although this dress wouldn't be particularly flattering on my body shape, I think its totally darling!
Or how about a few shots of it more on an orange side?

Literal coral print below to add some life to your sofa or bed.
Or perhaps a complete interior look?
Oddly this post has me craving a juicy orange popsicle.

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  1. The combination between orange and turquoise is perfect! It would be good on a beach house! What do you think?

    Nice blog!