Friday, July 24, 2009

Cherie Bomb

Let's talk a little bit about another Cherie; Cherie Currie that is!
With all the attention in the media lately about the currently in production film, The Runaways, based of course on the late 70s girl punk band (The Runaways), I knew I had to take advantage and post about it!
My very first exposure to The Runaways came with my love for the soundtrack to the movie Dazed and Confused. The song on it by them is Cherry Bomb. Even saying the title now puts the song instantly in my head, "Can't stay at home, can't stay in schoool, the old folks say, you poor little fool, down the street, I'm the girl next door, I'm the fox you've been waiting for." "Hello daddy, hello mom...I'm your chchchchchcheerrrry bomb". That's Cherie's voice you hear in your head right now!
Cherie Currie was born and raised in California to a family very influenced by Hollywood; both her sister and mother are actresses. Sometime during her youth she saw a David Bowie concert that would change her style and her life. She traded in her long hippy locks for a short Bowie-esque do and began a whole new style of life. That is when Joan Jett and Kim Fowley found her and told her to audition for lead singer of their new band, The Runaways. Cherry Bomb was written for Cherie on the spot and the rest is history!
After returning home from this show in Japan in 1977, Cherie moved on with a solo career. Then in 1980 she starred alongside Jodie Foster in the film Foxes with Scott Baio. Many accomplishments have followed including a marriage to actor Robert Hays, the birth of their son Jake, as well as more song writing and acting. Here's her website: CherieCurriedotCom
Now a younger generation will be exposed to the music of The Runaways thanks to the 2010 film. Above you can see the actresses chosen to play the title roles. Of note the most key casting has gone to Kristen Stewart (of Twilight/New Moon fame) as Joan Jett (its so striking how alike the two of them look) and Dakota Fanning (mega child star) as Cherie Currie.There is constant buzz about this film all over the media, so finding some pictures to show was a ridiculously easy task.Note the t-shirts above; I have a hunch these will catch on and become in demand in the near future. I know I would love to own the cherry red one!
Keep your eye out for more Runaways news! I know I will be :)


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  2. I can't believe how grown up Dakota Fanning looks in these photos! It's like she's aged 20 years...crazy!

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