Friday, July 24, 2009

Shopping with Holloway Hair

If you haven't already guessed by previous posts, I'm absolutely and positively crazy about AMC's Mad Men. I've been drawn in ever since accidentally stumbling upon it during a season recap marathon back in the summer of '07.
Sure the plot lines, characters and era appeal to me, but the sets, fashion and style is what I notice the most (surprise, surprise) .

Of all the characters, there is no one else quite like the sassy, bold and sexy office manager, Miss. Joan Holloway. What can I say? She's my favourite. Just look at that body (of course I had to go there first). Being a curvy girl myself, I finally have found a body on TV that looks more like mine!! So I relate to Joan; I wanna get some of her style. Where better to start then from the top??

I found this YouTube video (by the very talented Super Kawaii Mama ) that gives a sexy basic Joan hairstyle. Give it a try! I did, and I was so pleased with the results.

I actually did this hairstyle (not quite as curly as Joan in these pictures) this morning on my way out the door to work. Since it is a Friday, I wore jeans to work. Now thinking back on it, I should have wore a dress. Now the question is, what dresses would look amazing with this hairstyle?
Lets go shopping, shall we?? Onto Bluefly I go...
Grecian 60s flare
Julie Brown
Mod Joan
For a delicate garden party perhaps?
David Meister
Hugging curves in all the right places ;)
Carmen Marc Valvo
This dress would be perfect for the modern day Joan!

The beauty part about this hairstyle is that its versatile and can work in so many ways for so many situations. For example, it adds a bit of extra class/sophistication to a pair of jeans. Now all you need is a pair of small pearl earrings for that extra sparkle like I'm wearing today.

Next time (as seen below), I'm going to have to try to add a braid to the hairstyle. So chic!

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