Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eye on...

The girls of the Harry Potter today. These images of Ms. Emma Watson and Ms. Bonnie Wright on their tour of promoting a film which I am beyond excited to see, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Insert major girl squeals in here ;)

I am in awe at Ms. Wright's style here; she looks amazing and is inching up on the heals of Ms. Watson!
Just take a look at those delicious cranberry shoes!
The film opens next week! Eeek, so excited!!


  1. Me too...I have a collection of Harry Potter shelf with stuff I have collected...wrapping paper...bags...books...even pens, rubbers etc. Only yesterday I bought a card with the owl on it...I also have the owl...can't help myself...I will blog it one day...Dzintra♥x

  2. HOLY!! I didn't even recognize Bonnie Wright!!! She's looking SMOKING hot! But I do agree, Emma is definitely a little fashionista! I have a Vogue Magazine somewhere that she was in I belive, and she looked fantastic.
    Love today's choice, BTW! Just bought tickets to the midnight showing of HBP!!! Can't WAIT! :)

  3. emma watson looks so beautiful!

    cool blog! ^.^
    follow mine,i'll follow yours (:

  4. Did you guys see the 'wardrobe malfunction' of that first dress Emma's wearing? I just saw the clip of her on Letterman, and she's so gracefull in addressing the issue (the front of the dress opens up at the bottom, and we can see her undies). But yeah, she was SUPER classy when Dave broguht it up. Gotta love that! :)