Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Heart Polyvore

A few years ago I was I introduced to the wonderful world of Polyvore. A website which allows you to both create art and shop! Those are two of my absolute favourite things to do, so instantly it had such an appeal to me.

As it has been a little while since I've played around on the site, I thought today (when work is so slow), it would be a perfect day to peruse around and put some enticing ensembles together.

Hope they can impress. What it does to me is has me in a far away dreamland wishing I was a lady of wealth shopping with my little pup along the Champs. So let us close our eyes and pretend we are there together.

Shall we start off with a cup of cafe au lait to give us the boast we need? I think so!
Now that is out of the way and we're ready, let's shop.

I have always dreamed of owning my own emerald green dress. These stunning black and light gold accessories give the dress a tiny added punch. Not the shoes, a cross twist on a peep-toe done so right by Jimmy Choo. The dress is by Lanvin.

The clock in the upper right corner is ticking, we must move on. Were you not looking for something to wear on your day trip to Nice tomorrow?

One more stop to pick up the perfect outfit to wear on a new job or just to stroll by the Eiffel Tower at night in.

This is all too much fun! I shall be back next week with more Polyvore goodies :)



  1. I just discovered Polyvore and I'm having a blast over there. These are great! Those red shoes!!!

  2. I wish I was better at using it!!! I wanted to do one with all my wedding style, but can't get the hang of it (harder too when all your things are your own, so no online pics and all). I may do one with my new BCBG dress tonight though!! I need to find some fun and funky accessories to go with it and my Blue shoes ;)
    Thanks for reminding me about this site!!

  3. polyvore does rock \m/