Monday, December 13, 2010

The Soon to be Princess

Just imagine for a moment that when you were a little girl playing princess and convinced you would get to be a real princess one day that this dream would actually come true. A charming prince falls in love with you and you with him; and one day, he proposes. Life in that very moment would never be the same. You would soon be a real princess.
Issa dress

Enter the woman who gets to have this reality, Miss. Kate Middleton. Now I imagine this did not come as a shock after the length of time Prince William and Kate have been together. Only within the last few years have they willingly and openly been seen together in public events. The signs all pointed to marriage, to a ring and what I'm sure will be, the most fabulous royal wedding we have seen out of England since the wedding of William's mother, Princess Diana.
There has been more buzz worldwide on Kate, obviously, since the engagement. All eyes are on her. What is her real story? Where did she grow up? And my favourite topic of interest, her style. What is she wearing today?

Issa Sapphire Dress
 What we know so far is that Kate's favourite designer is London-based Daniella Issa Helayel, the label more simply known as Issa. Her clothing is simply constructed, yet very feminine and with a big touch of elegance. A fabulous example of this would be the stunning sapphire dress Kate wore on the evening of their engagement news. Due to the high buzz it causes, apparently matches dot com sold out of the dress almost instantaneously.

Now the question is, will she be designing Kate's wedding dress which will be one of the most watched/copied/anticipated dresses of this millenium!? That remains to be seen. We will all know very soon; April 29th, 2011. Can you stand the wait!? I barely can.

I'd like to dedicate the rest of this piece to my favourite Kate Middleton looks. I particularly LOVE her in white.

I cannot wait! She is going to make one beautiful princess. Diana would approve.


  1. I am THOROUGHLY OBSSESED with them. It's kinda scary actually. I do love her though.

  2. Doesn't that first picture of them just melt your heart?! Me too, well I guess its new found with the engagement. But I cannot get enough. A friend of the family last night told me I look like her. Such a good and kind liar she is LoL