Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog Crushes: Lottie Loves

Twitter has proven to be such a fabulous source of building up a list of contacts/sources of the vintage enthusiast crowd. I always knew that this crowd was a big , but had no idea how big until I embraced Twitter last year. It never fails that every time I see a new update regarding a fabulous vintage frock for sale, or reference to anything vintage that it instantly makes me a bit happier. One Twitter friend who always can do this is the beautiful (Grace Kelly look-a-like) Ms. Lottie of Lottie Loves.
Lottie looking so very Betty Draper here
Her story is truly an inspiring one of embracing life; the here and now by truly making the most of every moment. Years ago she was a brave woman using another blog as an outlet for her to discuss the disease she was battling at the time. Unfortunately for those 3 years she wasn't able to live the way she usually would.

Now that she is (thankfully) feeling much better, she is taking her passions; caring for her beautiful family (she is a self-proclaimed and I'm sure proven domestic diva), pursuing all her creative interests (sewing, knitting, baking, gardening etc.), and her big LOVE for retro/vintage culture (40s/50s mainly) and letting it all shine in her fabulous blog.
Most exciting is how she is currently adjusting to a big move, hopping all the way across an ocean and a continent...moving from the UK to the sunny climates of Northern California. As this is something I have always dreams of doing (taking a big and life changing move), I have loved reading about her transition.
 Without doubt, my favourite weekly feature is her "Think Frock It's Friday" installments. The idea is a simple one: promote the idea of wearing a dress (or frock) each Friday or during the weekend. A call to all women to get dolled up and feel feminine in a beautiful frock. Best of all is she gives plenty of examples and sources for you to check out to purchase a new one! You'll never be stumped come Friday with her helpful tips.
Pin-up art/culture, burlesque, domestic endeavours, classic Hollywood and style icons are just a few more areas she adores exploring each day. In short, Lottie Loves has become (in a quick time) a favourite daily read of mine. We seem to have such similar tastes in style so most of all, I look forward to those cheeky posts showing her personal style (like 90% of the images listed above). Please check her out, you'll be so happy you did!!


  1. Lottie's brilliant isn't she? I've been reading her blog for quite a while now and it always cheers me up. This is such a lovely post I bet she's thrilled you wrote it :) xx

  2. I agree, thanks for the post its fabulous:) xxx

  3. I was so pleased to do it. I find myself drawn to Think Frock its Friday every Friday and it makes me so happy to see pretty new dresses :)