Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retro Hair - The Essentials - Belle Blossoms

For the third installment of my mini Retro Hair Essentials series, we are alas at the best part, the finishing touches! Hopefully by now you may have checked out Lauren Rennell's Vintage Hairstyling as featured in my second Retro Hair Essentials installment. At the end of the book she goes over the various accessories to use to add that little bit extra to complete a vintage hair style. Everything under the sun including scarves, snoods, ribbon, bows, bands, combs and of course, flowers. 

While there are several vendors and crafts people in shops, on Etsy and online in general, I have fallen in love with one amazing shop- Belle Blossoms. Shopkeeper/designer Heather was enouraged to open up shop and go into the industry of making vintage-inspired hair accessories by her long-time friend Ashley aka Lisa Freemont Street.
Lisa Freemont Street wearing the Norma Orchid
Remember a few weeks back when this all began I kicked off my series with the truly lovely Lisa Freemont Street? Of course you do, afterall, she is kind of addicting once you start following her YouTube page and adding her fan site to Facebook Pages.

Lisa Freemont Street not only provided me with an introduction to Vintage Hairstyling, she also hooked me to the Belle Blossoms shop. After watching a few product reviews of the lovely flowers for sale on the site, I knew it was a purchase I wanted to make. But the question was, where to start? You'll see below all the options/styles/colours there are to choose from.
Lovely shop owner Heather wearing the Large Dahlia
Have you ever been a member of an "of the month club"? Guess what! Belle Blossoms offers this and it is my very first time being part of such a club! Each month around the same time I get the new featured hair flower clip. How lovely.
Raven Rose
There are quite a few variables to consider when joining the club. Mainly, what size flower do you want to receive each month? and how would you like to pay? (monthly, or in one shot).
Red Poinsettia
I chose the medium flower. So far I'm two months in, with 2 beautiful flowers that have already been worn quite a lot. My poinsettia was the perfect accessory to my Christmas and Holidays celebrations. Best part were the compliments I received.
Autumn Peonies
Quality of craftmanship  is truly evident when you receive your Belle Blossom. Delicate care and consideration goes into making each piece. Honestly, they look like the most "real" fake hair flower I've ever seen.

Clips are attached to the flower in such a way to make they comfortable to wear. No pulling, catching hair; the clip goes on and off smoothly to keep your hairstyle perfectly intact. After spending (sometimes) hours perfecting a look, this is key.
Gypsy Rose
While the shop specializes in flowers, you can also find a variety of other hair accessories. Bow clips, feathers (one with a flower shown above), side clips/combs and cherries made with ribbon. Everything to feed your vintage/retro hairstyling addiction.
Green Delphinium Blossom Side Combs
I'm all giddy and excited knowing my next blossom for January is in the mail. Each month with your blossom you get a lovely poem card with a clue to the next month's flower. I can't even remember the clue, but it stumped me. Somehow I have a feeling it's going to be some kind of white flower. I'll let you know if I'm right.

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