Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everyone Loves Mary

Tyler Moore that is! It is my fail-safe, my comfort tv and all around favourite classic television show. It never fails to keep me keeled over in stitches laughing. Who doesn't love Mary? Every time I watch, I always notice what she is wearing and how her character's style changes throughout the show.

Today I'm dedicating a post to her. To vintage pieces I've found online that you might see on Mary on the show, or even Rhoda (sometimes I love Rhoda more than Mary, but shhh ;)
Red Lipstick Dress from FlukeStore
Black Crochet Beret from Vintage Point
Essential for tossing into the air on a chilly day in the middle of the boulevard ;)
Melon Halston Wrap Dress by Catbooks1940
Cream Nautical Day Dress by Thrush
This next one is very Season 1 Rhoda
Silk Tribal by Nod to Mod Vintage
My Saturday mission is to secure myself a copy of Season 4 for some marathoning tomorrow night.

Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weekend! xx

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