Friday, January 14, 2011

Canadian Mommy & Baby Love - Part 2

Audrey Hepburn with son Sean 
Today continues my journey into the world of mommy/baby sources. Are you ready for round 2? Better get your wallets ready for plenty of fun online shopping ;)
Grace Kelly with son Albert (Prince of Monaco)
I've chatted about it A LOT, it's true, but yet again I'm going to gush about Etsy. In these past few years I have grown so accostomed to exploring and shopping through the site, that it's become a second-nature of sorts. It's even at the point where I'm pretty sure I give a blank stare to anyone who tells me that haven't heard about it. "What? You haven't? Alright, here's the lowdown!" and through telling each new person, I see addiction brewing in their eyes. Are you addicted? Don't even tell me you're not, because I know you are just in denial ;)

Shopping for little ones is new to me and has proven to be a whole new ballgame in the world of Etsy-ing. It is HUGE. Not only for parents/families/friends, but also for photographers (prop purchases etc.). In my brief foray into Etsy mommy shopping (as I will now refer to it as), I've come across a handful of fantastic little Canadian shops. 
In autumn of last year I experienced a first: I became an aunt! Needless to say that I was overjoyed with my beautiful new niece and when Christmas approached, I knew I wanted to get her a gift that was personalized and sweet. Enter lovely friend and crochet-master-extraordinaire Rebecca of the adorable Little Threads shop. 
Rose Headband
She was just starting out and was a few months into her new adventure as Etsy shopkeeper. I had been browsing the site for weeks and finally dawned on me that the perfect purchase for little Mackenna (cutest niece ever, although I may just be biased? ;) was one of her beautiful crocheted hats. I chose this one:
Lil' Monkey Hat
Yet had the option of personalizing it with different colours. My choices? Main colour a toasty chocolate brown, while the bow and trim were in a punchy pink to match Mackenna's nursery scheme. Rebecca whipped up my order and in no time, it was delivered to my door. Mackenna's mommy and daddy were in LOVE with the hat. In fact, during her newborn photo-session, she wore an almost identical hats for one of the photos. I had no idea until Christmas day when I got to see the pictures; what a cool coincidence. This hat and Mackenna were just meant to be. 
Pom Hat
Rebecca takes the time to hand crochet every detail with love and care. The end result truly shows the dedication to craftsmanship.  
Flower Beanie
Please go look over more of the collection of adorable goodies she is selling in her shop or you can even fan her on Facebook. Cannot wait for my new nephews to arrive so I can order more hats!

Play-time and craft time go hand in hand with most toddlers and growing children. Finding the right accessories for storage is utterly essential. Keep things simple, easy to find and, of course, cute! Moms out there of older tikes, do you keep your kid's crayons in a big old jar or a pencil case? What about just in the box? Check this out - 
Go Diego Go Crayon Roll-Up
A durable, kid friendly and easy to use method of storage to keep them organized brought to you by the fun shop Cheeky Monkey! I'm almost thinking of buying one just to store multiple mascaras (although not exactly in the Go Diego Go fabric ;). Talented seller out of Surrey, British Columbia also sells different styles/fabrics/designs.
Pink Skull Crayon Case

Or what about essentials for winter, like mitten clips?
Mitten Clips
Or how about making your little girl feel like royalty with this adorable hair clip.
Princess Snap
Can't wait for the little ones in my life to get a bit older so I can expand my shopping list ;)

Now on to a shop that's got it all, accessories and storage! Please tell me everyone has heard of the infamous Sophie? The Sophie will be (I'm told) your child's very first celebrity. Naturally Sophie needs an accessory, and way to stay with your child when they get the urge to toss her on the floor. 
Owls Sophie Leash 
The lovely Shannon of Lil' Diva's Bowtique (how cute is that name!?) helps to bring all moms out there a little bit of help in organizing their baby's lives, all while keeping things light and fun. Her key piece is an ingenius one, the bow/accessories holder!
Blue&Brown Bow Clip Holder
Really, a very simple idea, but used in such a way that it will add some more pazazz to any nursery. Also allows mommies to show of their favourite accessories for their child. The best part is that you request your own personalized design and Shannon makes it happen! Her talents also expand into hair accessories with such sweet pieces like this Pink Peony Hair Band.
Pink Peony Band
You've gotta love the sparkle of the band and the bright pink of the peony! Please visit her shop to see more awesome creations. 

Alas, we have finally made it to the end of my Mommy/Baby Canadian sources and I hope you've enjoyed everything that you've read and seen. Who knows, perhaps I may make this somewhat of a monthly feature. Do you own an Etsy shop aimed at moms, babies or little tikes? An up and coming photographer? Blogger? Check out my contact info and perhaps I'll feature you soon:)

Happy Friday everyone!! xx

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