Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Favourite Other Michelle

Have you seen the December cover of Angeleno Magazine?!? Michelle Williams the ethereal beauty, bathed in this glowing white light. Could it be more perfect? Has she ever looked better? No and no. Throughout the past few years she has quickly become my favourite other Michelle.
I'm obsessed! Especially with the soon-to-be released Blue Valentine looming on the horizon. The trailer literally sends goosepimples all up my arms. ("It shakes me, it quakes me, it makes me feel goosepimply all over" - The Girl/Marilyn Monroe/7 Year Itch). Funny I should quote Marilyn, afterall Michelle is currently working on My Week With Marilyn portraying Miss. Monroe herself. It's a little stunning how alike they look in that promotional image for the film.
Not many women in this world can pull off hair like this so well. Michelle looks like she was born for this look. It's quite a bold shade of blonde. Is this what platinum officially looks like? Or would you call it snow white?
To think I used to despise her in Dawson's Creek when I was a teen. Ever since Brokeback Mountain, her star has been on the rise in my eyes (and in the eyes of the public).
Now she is becoming a bit of a fashion icon. I cannot wait to see what she wears to the award shows this year because without even seeing Blue Valentine, I know the nominations will just keep pouring in.

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