Friday, January 28, 2011

Retro Hair - The Essentials - Snood Mania

Originally the snood was a product of necessity to a generation of women taking on the roles of factory and machine workers. The long, flowing hair of women presented a danger as it could get caught in the machinery. While some cut their hair short, others preferred a different route. One that would become a fashion statement. Support the war-effort and keep that long hair by wearing a snood.
In recent years the snood has been making a major comeback! Remember my post about Lauren Rennell's Vintage Hairstyling Book? In it she shows 2 different ways of styling your hair with the use of a snood. In fact, with the resurgence of appeal towards fashion and style from the late 1930s, as well as the 1940s, it was only natural snoods would some how appear back in fashion. 

These days you can purchase them in a wide variety of colours and styles. If you are crafty and have talents for knitting or crochet, it's easy enough to find a pattern and to make your own. Otherwise just scour the net for sources of where to buy. Etsy is naturally the first place I look. Arthelia's Attic sells gorgeous ones in a few varied styles:
1942 with Bow {Black}
And in red too
With beaded headband 
Their popularity is just growing so you may find it a tad difficult to find the exact style you want. However, soon a favourite hair accessories shop of mine, Belle Blossoms , will soon be selling a ton of snoods! Stay tuned to the site for them...and stay tuned here for when I purchase my own and recreate my own 40s look. 

Again, for those crafty chicks out there, here's a little inspiration to get you motivated to pick up those crochet needles!
{Burda Style} - Laura Mae's Blue Silk Snood

The lovely Casey Brown of Elegant Musings has whipped up her own charming snoods as well
1940s Snoods {Elegant Musings}
I keep wondering if wearing one out in public would attract a lot of attention. I cannot recall having ever seen someone in person wearing a snood (other than hair-nets on food service workers). Do I have the guts to try to pull it off? We shall see!

Happy Friday everyone xx

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