Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blush Envy {Etsy}

Lucinda Hand Painted Rose
You know one of my favourite things to do throughout the day is to look at the constantly revolving new "Handpicked Items" on Etsy's front page. Various members of Etsy choose their favourite combination of items up for sale. The themes are varied and more often than not result in a creative collection of impressive finds. The greatest victory in Etsy (I think) is finding a shop that is just so you; a place where you can't help but fall in love with their approach to handmade quality goods. Today is a day I found such a shop. 
Lucinda Bloom & Blossoms
Blush Envy appeals to my shabby chic, french country, Marie Antoinette's Hameau style. Muted and country-like colours, natural elements and so much feminine flare. Items range from jewelry, to pretty accessories for the home.
Secret Garden
The seller specializes in hand-crafted glazed paper flowers. A long process that provides such spectacular results.
Blue Costume Rose
My senses are currently reeling with thoughts of spring and colourful fragrant gardens. Mmm mmm


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  1. I think that is the nicest review I've ever read :)
    Thank you for sharing my art with your world!

    Blush Envy