Friday, February 25, 2011

La Vie en Rose

Don't you just love when you just find a space that is SO YOU?! I have found such a space.  Last night I finally had time to sift through the best issue of House Beautiful of the year, which just happens to be their colour issue. For years I've been drawn to it and count down the months until February is upon us and that decadent March issue can be in my hands.

Last year it was blue, and I was obsessed. Blue is truly one of my favourite colours and more often than not, any bedroom I've ever had has been painted blue at my request in various shades. On the other hand, I have also delved into a whole different colour palette to differ my dreams/mood and the atmosphere for other bedrooms I've had. The colour? Pink. Heaps and heaps of glorious and feminine pink. The trick is making it look sophisticated. So when I discovered 2011's colour issue would be dedicated to PINK, you can bet there was squeals of delight. I'm also pretty sure I let one out when I saw my issue arrive in the mail and gazed at that space by wildly talented "lifestyle architect" Windsor Smith (featured above). To me, everything about it is just perfection. My dream living space. The best part is that it captures all my favourite colours, even my keen taste for blues ;)

In fact, it reminded me of these: (images seen so often by myself it's become engraved in my memory and thoughts).

Marie Antoinette
It's a though the film has come to life and been splashed everywhere in a space in a way that makes it modern, sophisticated and so very fun. There is nothing I don't love about it. This shall be an issue I cherish for years to come!


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