Thursday, February 24, 2011


A few months ago, my eyes were opened to an entirely new experience. As I have been a fan of online shopping for as long as I've known of it, and also mad crazy passionate about buying vintage whenever I can, I was delighted to learn of a little marketplace/forum/catch-all for gals with an eye for unique style called Smashion

Essentially Smashion feels like a giant friend's exchange sale. Bring in (or rather post) and sell all the stuff you want to be rid of (and think someone else can find use out of) and in return you can purchase some new/old stuff for yourself to spice up your own wardrobe. It's all too fun. And the best part is that gals (and guys alike) show off their finds; they put together fabulous outfits, take a photo and show it off in the gallery. Inspiration sizzles there. 

A few weeks back, a representative from the site contacted me for a bit of an interview. Let me tell you that I was just thrilled! Someone out there, from such a site took an interest in this little hobby blog of mine, how could I resist?  

All the questions were fashion and style related which always tend to make me just bloom and gush about the stuff I love. While I can yak on about how/what I said, maybe you'd be interested in checking it out?

Please check out the other blog interviews too...from that alone I have added a whole whack of new reads to my RSS feed and Blogger blog list. Talent is exploding out there in the blogosphere at every turn! I am beyond inspired by it all. 


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