Thursday, March 24, 2011

My New Beauty Faves

It's not all that often that I treat myself to anything from Sephora, but when I do, I make sure I choose the very best products for me. How? Research, asking for help and knowing what works well with my skin and hair is key. I've found 4 I'm sticking to and standing by. Here are my picks:

Makeup Forever HD Foundation - Hands down, the very best foundation that has ever graced my skin. Goes on liquid and finishes like powder. The formula is gentle and you require very little for flawless coverage. Best part? No breakouts as it's oil-free (and my oily prone skin can't handle any more oil). The price is a tad steep, but it's worth every penny if you ask me.

Korres Lip Butter in "Pomegranate" - With a formula of natural ingredients, I was instantly drawn to this lip butter. It's silicone and oil-free. The colour is just enough pigment for punch without being too much and lasts for hours. I'm a fan!

Bare Escentuals Mineral Blush  in "Vintage Peach" - The lovely salesgirl at Sephora chose this shade instantly when I asked for suggestions of what would work well on my cheeks for a wedding I was in last summer. The colour glistens and gives my pale skin the bit of lift and definition it needs. I love the slight shimmer in it and how long it tends to last. 

Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs - Rollerball perfumes have become all the rage as of late. How can you resist trying a new scent when the price is so reasonable? I know I couldn't. After virtually years of shying away from the fragrance aisle (due to how scent sensitive I can be), I jumped in with both feet and fell in love with Daisy. It was the first one I smelled that day and just kept going back for more. $30 later, she was mine. 

In addition, I've completely embraced the quest for healthy hair obsession. I partly blame a certain guest poster for this (*cough* Camillia's "Diary of a Hair Care Obsessed Gal" *cough*). No longer will I settle for drugstore brand shampoo and conditioners, I've gone to the salon brand side. My wallet sure felt the switch, but you know what I noticed even more? A MASSIVE improvement on the quality of my hair. Literally in 1 wash, after using Abba Pure Color Protect shampoo and conditioner (that conditioner is truly like butta), my hair was just as silky, smooth and heavenly as when I leave the salon. Actually, I think that is what my stylist and colourist use after they wash  my up at the end of my visit. My little habit of hair twirling and feeling strands between my finger-tips has returned with a vengeance! I'll find myself doing it everywhere because my hair is so soft. 

This slight switch-up to my beauty routine was very much needed, but I think I'm just getting started. Stay tuned for more favourites, I've just gotta get out to the stores and start doing some more research first ;)


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  1. I seem to be an a cosmetic splurge right now. Haven't tried any of those products yet. I love doing my research before hand as well, I find it leeds me to more and more things:P I also switched over to organic shampoo a few months back and it was the best thing I have done no more drug store for me either!