Friday, April 29, 2011

Today is THE Day

Princess Diana of Wales
That fateful, long awaited day has finally arrived. Dashing Prince William today will wed his love Miss Catherine Middleton. I am all kinds of excited to watch all the coverage from the wee hours of the morning. Days like this just don't come around too often. If only Di were here to see and be a part of the celebration :(

Since this is a style blog, and a vintage style blog at that, let's lust over the dresses of British monarchy of years gone by shall we...
Queen Victoria
All that lace and jewels and the flower wreath are timeless. The first bride to be married in all white (if I'm not mistaken?), which would be a tradition/trend that has carried on until today.
Queen Elizabeth II
And this is the tiara people are speculating will be worn by Kate.
Princess Margaret
This dress has to be my absolute favourite of the bunch (I've shown here). Its classic, elegant and the flowers are such a perfect touch. What a beauty she was!
Princess Anne
Now that is what you call sleeves! Wow. She has been known to be quite a stylish princess, but I'm just not into this dress at all. 

This all begs the question of who and what Kate will be wearing? How will her hair look? What shoes will she be wearing? I can barely contain my anticipation. And the wedding is merely an hour away!

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