Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday's Vintage Dresses

50s Cotton Plaid Dress

This wonderful Etsy vintage seller is just around the corner from me in upstate New York! Vint Condition has dresses in almost all colours of the rainbow. Like opening a bag of Skittles and choosing all your favourites! Makes a girl thankful that spring is here :)

50s Cotton Shift
60s Petal Pink
60s Cafe au lait
50s County Fair
50s Brown with Lace

For the record, I had an extremely tough time narrowing down choices of pictures to feature! The dresses are just gorgeous!


  1. Oh thank you for featuring my shop here! What a lovely feature. I am instantly drawn to bright colors when shopping for myself and for the shop. Whenever it's gray outside or I'm having a bad day, I pull out something colorful and my mood lifts. Again, thank you!

  2. I was so pleased and treated to find your shop!! I couldn't stop gushing over all the dresses (and other items of clothing) you had in your collection. You've got a great eye for beautiful pieces :)

    So glad to do it! Thanks for commenting and stopping by :)