Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You Can Leave Your Hat On

With the royal wedding in less than 9 days now (can you believe how fast it approaches?!), I thought it would be highly appropriate to dedicate a post to the lady's hat. It is no secret that women in the UK have a major thing for head wear; whether it be a hat, or hair fascinator. No matter where in the world you are, from wherever you will be watching the royal wedding, I think it's only appropriate to watch it wearing a hat. The question then remains, what is the style for you? And no, a ball cap just won't make the cut for an occasion such as this one ;)

I will be using Miss Audrey Hepburn (aka the queen of many hats) as my model. Some of the styles I can name, others I couldn't locate names for (and made up my own).

Mexican Cowboy
Stylish Turban

Wide Brim Straw

Tall & Wide Panama
Elaborate Flower Fascinator

Abstract White Fascinator
Whatever size and shape head you have, ladies, be certain and confident that there IS a hat (of fascinator) out there for you! Anyone can be a hat girl. So I'm urging anyone reading this now who has always wanted to wear hats, but has made excuses not to wear one, to just go for it! Recently I took this step and was so pleased I did. Adds a whole new dimension and angle to a look. 

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