Thursday, January 13, 2011

Canadian Mommy & Baby Love - Part 1

Still from Marie Antoinette (not Canadian, but French is our other national language ;)
Lately my life has been a series of baby booms. It is everywhere. In the air, in the water, in the media. Babies, babies, babies. Well you know what? It's time I celebrate them! This is to the members of my family, my close friends who are beginning new lives or expanding on their current ones. I get to be a aunty 3 times over within these last few months (and the months to come). Naturally, this is such a joyous gift and my happiness is compounded with the fabulous news that just keeps coming and coming.

Today will be a dedication to them all (and to all you lovely readers out there expecting, who are new mothers/fathers, expanding mothers/fathers, aunts/uncles, grandmas/grandpas, and proud friends). I'm about to give you a whole whack of sources for mommys and babies. Sources for inspiration, creativity and purpose. Keep in mind that today I'm also paying homage to my country; everything you see here in this post is 100% Canadian. All tried, tested and true products/services from friends who I know do what they do very well.

 by Michelle Collis Photography
Well now, where do we begin? Let's start with (what could be) your most memorable purchase. Photos.
Going to cover 2 sides of the country today and let's begin to where I am now. Right in Southern Ontario, or the Greater Toronto Area.

A few months ago, I had the immense pleasure of working with a hot up and coming photographer. Michelle Collis met me on a warm late summer day to help me be the pin-up girl I've always dreamed of becoming. The results were nothing short of a raging success. Not only did I have a blast, keeled over in laughs half the time with Michelle, I also got to see how a real photographer works. I felt at ease being her subject and thought, "wow, this woman is going places".

Take you today, guess what? Her business, well, its booming! Now who are her most popular clients and subjects? Families and children/babies. I think her talent speaks for itself. Please check out her Facebook Fan Page, her Website - Michelle Collis Photography.

Get ready to be taken to the beautiful west coast of Canada. To a picturesque part of our country fit for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers and those who just wish to enjoy a few luxuries and relax. I'm talking about the Okanagan in majestic  British Columbia. Well specifically a little town known as Vernon.
Cheeky monkey Layla
We are now met with another extraordinarily talented photographer, and also a good friend of mine. I have chatted about her a little bit before (she designed my header); she is the lovely and so adorable Camillia  Courts of Camillia Courts Photography. We met about a year ago through the wondrous source of a fun online woman's forum. We have just clicked and become good friends (despite never having actually met before in person).

Camillia is a photog. She shoots it all! Weddings, engagements, boudoirs, family portraits, maternity, newborn, children, celebrities. Have you heard of the wildly talented recording artist Andrew Allen? You can bet my girl shot the cover for his album.
Oh and guess who just scored a magazine cover? Yup, Camillia sure did.
Her favourite subjects though are clearly her beautiful children Aidan and Layla. I'm sure they've become quite accustomed to seeing mommy carrying around her camera everywhere.
But golly aren't they just too cute!?!
Honestly, I could have more than likely dedicated an entire post just to her and just for gushing. And hey, perhaps one day I will do that. Camillia's next adventure in photography, birth photography. She is obsessed and I know that means its going to be a spectacular new venture for her!
Too cute for words!

Please stay tuned for tomorrow when I feature all my favourite mommy/baby Etsy shops!!

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