Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dark 60s Eyes

Makeup has never really been my area of expertise unfortunately. Although through the years I'd like to think my skills have improved somewhat, and that I also am getting more of a hang of what colours/styles look right on me. It's all a bit of a game and experiment; testing various looks to find a good style match. 

Now with that being said, I have been requested to do a feature on makeup..and to be honest, I am a little nervous because I believe it is my first. So well, I figured, might as well go big! 1960s smokey dark eye makeup is a pretty "jump in all the way" kind of thing. My reader's inspiration was the super talented singer, Adele. 
Adele clearly knows how to play up her features with her variations on a modern-day 1960s smokey kitten look. Sometimes she plays it all dark (like the pic on the left), and she also finds ways to make the style appear a bit warmer (like in the pic on the right). The differences in lip colour acts to enhance both in different ways as well.

One thing is clear, however; you are going to need a good eye liner and basic shadows to begin with.

Midnight Cream Eyeliner
Sigma E-65 Eyeliner Brush
Twilight & Sapphire duo

When it comes to application like this, I prefer a cream eyeliner, especially for a beginner-intermediate like me. I find it a little more forgiving than straight liquid liner, but at the same time more of a creative challenge than a straight pencil gives. A good brush is key as well, I prefer angled eyeliner ones like this Sigma brush. Oohh and my go-to quick smokey eye duo is this Stila kit.   

60s makeup was all about mascara; the bigger, longer, bolder, the better. Bottom lashes are almost always a major focus of attention. Whether they are naked underneath crawling down the cheeks like spiders, or in combination with a bold dark eyeliner, they are not for a second forgotten. 

Edie Sedgewick

Sharon Tate
Since I lack the proper words in accurately expanding on the "how-tos" beyond the general steps above, I'm going to rely on the YouTube makeup gurus who can spell it all out a little better.

PixiWoo's take on modern 60s

A Brigitte Bardot inspired 60s kitten look by Ask Me Makeup

Another modern day 60s doll, Zooey Deschanel and how to get her look by Jenny Bowker Makeup

Looks like I've got a lot more research and practice ahead of me. Ever since acquiring the Zooey Deschanel fringe-do, I've been meaning to find (and perfect) a few makeup looks that scream 60s.

Hope you all found some kind of inspiration in this post, and please, if you have any tips/suggestions/hints to share, I'd be more than happy to hear them. Thanks :)



  1. Thank you Michelle! I'm off to try these!

  2. I think I like adele's version the best. I cannot get enough of amazing cat eyeliner and big lashes. I have not gotten the look to work on me yet but I could oggle pictures of them all day long. Post a pic if you are able too:)

  3. Camillia - You are most welcome! Can't wait to see how it turned out (if you'll show me pics please :)

    Daphne - My feelings are the same. Usually when I go out, my eyes are done up that style. Mostly everything light but black cat eyes, long lashes, and a coat of MAC Ladybug lipstick (my fave). My attempts at the dark look after using Pixiwoo's tutorial were alright. If you'd like to see a pic, here's one I put up on the Adore Cherie FB fan page -