Friday, February 11, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

My heart just about sank last week when I spotted these lovely plates while shopping at Anthropologie. It's not big secret that I am one of those kooky gals obsessed with anything and everything Marie Antoinette (mostly I can thank Sofia Coppola for this). So when browsing for new drinking glasses (see my fave picks below), and stumbled across a big stack of these, I knew that someday they would have to be mine. 

Id easily be happy mixing in a few plates to continue the French theme it would inspire, like the adorable French Country plate shown above. While it may not exactly go with my Kitchy Kitchen Retro theme that I have currently going on, it will, without doubt, make eating even more pleasant. Sometimes a mismatch of things is good, right? ;)
My trip did result in purchases, as I decided to finally get 4 of these rose Fleur-de-Lis tumblers. I feel so ladylike sipping a simple glass of water in them.

Other items on my wishlist from Anthropologie are:
3D Toile Apron
Utensil-Go-Round Spinner
Sweetest Thing Dish Towel
And 4 more glasses for a little turquoise punch...
Helianthus Goblet
Even though I was only there just last week, I think I may swing by later today to get started on a new purchase.

Sending lovely weekend wishes your way!!

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  1. so much to love at anthro. i would definitely use those first plates in a plate wall. they're perfect for displaying.